ServNet Leadership Poised for Transition

As the auto auction industry anticipates the NAAA Convention in Indianapolis and the ServNet owners prepare for their Fall Owners' Meeting, several of the group's members will transition to new leadership roles, both on the national front and within the group. Chad Bailey (Akron Auto Auction), current NAAA President, will move to NAAA's Chairman of the Board, while Eric Autenrieth (Carolina & Indiana Auto Auction) will serve as ServNet's Chairman of the Board following his two-year term as the group's president. Bruce Beam (DAA/OKC), meanwhile, will take the reigns as ServNet's President.

As he completes his term as NAAA President, turning over the gavel to Laura Taylor (XLerate's Charleston Auto Auction), Bailey looks over his time, highlighting the Association's accomplishments under his watch.

ServNet Selects New Executive Leadership

ServNet has announced the appointment of industry veterans John Brasher and Robert Sullivan to head ServNet's executive team.  ServNet's president, Eric Autenrieth, reports that they assume leadership of the auction group on January 1 of 2020.  Brasher has been named Executive Director, while Sullivan will serve as Administrative Director. "We are delighted to welcome two individuals of such caliber and standing in the auction industry to ServNet's executive team," said Autenrieth.  "Both John and Bob have years of experience in the industry and are champions of the independent auction.  Both former owners of ServNet auctions themselves, they bring unique and valuable perspectives to their new leadership positions."

ServNet Mega-Sales Fuel Summer Market

ServNet auctions are known for holding the industry's biggest and most inventive promotions, and this summer's auction calendar is full of blockbuster events, ranging from patriotic tributes and anniversary commemorations to summer celebrations and high energy rock concerts, reports ServNet's President Eric Autenrieth.

"High-impact promotional sales are part of a long-held tradition at ServNet auctions across the country," says Autenrieth. "These events bring a level of excitement and participation to the auction that is unmatched in the remarketing world. A look at this summer's calendar shows that the industry's most innovative and exciting events are happening at ServNet auctions."

ServNet Partners with Flexco and The Hourglass Foundation to Support Scholarship Foundation

ServNet Auctions have joined with remarketing partner Flexco Fleet Services in support of The Hourglass Foundation. ServNet's President Eric Autenrieth explains that the group's efforts will center on raising funds for the foundation's scholarship program, which benefits students pursuing their education in mechanical fields at community colleges and technical schools.

Autenrieth reports that ServNet's participation will be two-fold. ServNet auction locations across the U.S. will make cash donations to the scholarship program for every Flexco vehicle sold at auction. In addition, representatives from the local auctions will reach out to area high schools, two-year colleges and trade schools in their communities to make students aware of the scholarship program along with opportunities for workplace experience at the auction.

ServNet Awards Scholarships to Aspiring Students

ServNet has announced the 2019 recipients of the group's scholarship program during its Spring Owners' Meeting, held in April. Now in its fourth year, the scholarship program was established in 2016 as an ongoing initiative to help ServNet auction employees and their families pursue the dream of higher education. The ServNet Scholarship program assists full-time ServNet auction employees, their children, stepchildren and grandchildren who plan to pursue education in college or vocational school programs.

"As the leaders of of family-owned businesses ourselves, we ServNet owners take a deep personal interest in our employees," explained Ryan Clark, owner of Greater Rockford Auto Auction and a member of ServNet's Board of Directors, overseeing the Scholarship Program. "ServNet's scholarship program is a great way for us to encourage the members of our auction families and to help lay the groundwork for the next generation that follows."

Ryan reports that the group awarded a total of $18,000 in scholarships for the 2019-2020 academic year.  The awards will be given in increments of six awards of $2,500 to students attending a four-year college or university, and two awards of $1,500 for students attending a two-year college.

Dealers Rely on ServNet to Support Online Sales

Thousands of auto dealers all over the country attend ServNet auctions each week to buy the best inventory available in the wholesale marketplace. Having established strong relationships with their local ServNet auctions that go back years, even generations, franchise and independent auto dealers rely on the personal attention and superior services that have made ServNet auctions consistent leaders in the marketplace.

In today's remarketing world, however, dealers are looking farther afield for the right vehicles to buy, making use of the many digital tools available to them to search for and purchase inventory from areas far beyond their geographic base. The number of vehicles selling online continues to grow at a rapid pace, with some in the industry projecting that upwards of 50% of vehicles at auction will sell in a digital environment in the near future. As dealers add online buying to their arsenal of purchasing tools, they are realizing more than ever before the benefits of doing business with ServNet auctions.

ServNet at the Forefront of Innovation, Implementing New Technologies

ServNet auctions continue to develop and implement new technologies to enhance the vehicle remarketing process for both dealers and commercial accounts, reports ServNet's President Eric Autenrieth. The most recent is the launch of Turn Auctions, a mobile-based auction platform with enhanced buyer protections. Developed by Ryan Clark, owner of Greater Rockford Auto Auction, Turn Auctions was launched at Rockford Auto Auction last fall, and is due to roll out this spring at other ServNet auctions, including Akron Auto Auction, Dealers Auto Auction of Oklahoma City, Greenville Auto Auction and Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction.

Independently Owned, Family Operated Auctions Excel by Offering Flexibility and Experience in Relationship-driven Business

In an increasingly competitive business environment, ServNet auctions remain steadfastly committed to the core values that have been the hallmarks of their operations since the beginning -- a beginning that spans decades, and in many cases, multi-generations of ownership. Years of collective experience, skill, solid relationships and the flexibility to meet the demands of the market have marked ServNet auctions as leaders and continue to produce superior results for their customers.

"ServNet's continued success and strength lies in the group's commitment to maintain consistency through transition," says Pierre Pons, ServNet's CEO who has led ServNet's corporate staff for the past decade. "ServNet was founded in 1988 by a group of strong, visionary leaders who knew that their independently-owned auctions offered a level of service to their customers that was unmatched in the industry. The values and focus of those founding auctions have been part of ServNet's culture ever since and continues to set ServNet auctions apart from the competition, as that culture has been passed along to next generation owners who continue the pattern set by their parents in building the family business."

ServNet Offers up to $20,000 in Scholarships in 2019

ServNet has announced the opening of its 2019 Scholarship Program, designed to help ServNet auction employees and their families pursue the dream of higher education. The ServNet Scholarship program assists full-time ServNet auction employees, their children, stepchildren and grandchildren who plan to pursue education in college or vocational school programs.

Up to 10 awards totaling $20,000 are available for aspiring undergraduate students in 2019. The awards will be given in increments of five awards of $2,500 to students attending a four-year college or university, and five awards of $1,500 for students attending a two-year college or are pursuing an auto-related degree at a vocational-technical school.